Forging is done by means of crank hot press with capacity of 1600, 2500, 6300 tons

Metal Cutting

we provide different metal cutting services by means of the moden equipment

Metal stamping and bending

we provide different metal cutting services by means of the moden equipment

Turning works

Processing of cylindrical, conical, shaped, end surfaces, ledges;

Milling works

we provide milling services of horizontal, vertical and inclined planes up to 1.3 m

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KNV-Engineering GmbH- diversified company that regularly expands the range of services, works, covering more specialized areas and areas of processing and production of metal products of any complexity, dimensions, structural shapes and designs.

Our approach is to find an optimal, economically sound solutions for problems of any complexity. All orders for the metal implement in the shortest possible time. 

All production activities aimed at creating a high-tech product.

Metal Custom made both at the universal and high-precision equipment, both from their material and the material of the customer from 1 piece up to the party's drawings, sketches or sample.

Our specialists are highly qualified and extensive experience in metal processing, know all the details of manufacturing processes. All this allows us to perform urgent tasks of our clients and happy to take on the implementation of any interest, large and complex orders for the treatment of metals.

We guarantee a professional solution of your problems in the shortest time and at the best price on a qualitatively higher level.

The advantage of cooperation with the company:

  • as soon as possible to perform a broad range of activities,
  • low cost,
  • highly qualified personnel,
  • free consultation with experts.
  • we produce parts of any complexity.
  • highly qualified personnel;